ImageJ plugin - Segmenting and Tracking E. Coli

What is FluoBacTracker ?

FluoBacTracker is an ImageJ plugin designed to segment and track growing E. Coli cells from microscopy images and movies. It is especially suited to the analysis of microcolonies, even on phase contrast images, i.e. in the absence of fluorescent marking of the cell cytoplasm.

FluoBacTracker is a software tool to :

How to use FluoBacTracker?

FluoBacTracker is an open-source software (under a tailored license agremment), downloadable free of charge for academics. See here for details, license and download.
A video tutorial and a user manual can be found here.

Who is working on FluoBacTracker ?

Software development : INRIA, Grenoble Rhone-Alpes Research center, Project-team BEAGLE.
Algorithm development : Laboratoire de Mathematiques Appliquees (University Paris Descartes, Paris).
Biological expertise : Laboratoire de Genetique Moleculaire Medicale et Evolutive (INSERM-U1001, Paris).