ImageJ plugin - Segmenting and Tracking E. Coli


Detailed install instructions are given in the user manual. In short:

1. Download FluoBacTracker from our download page.

2. If not already installed on your computer, download ImageJ from the ImageJ download page and install it.

3 . Copy Fluo_Bac_Tracker-x.x.x-y.jar to the ImageJ/Plugins directory.

4. Open ImageJ. If need be, adjust :

5. Launch FluoBacTracker with Plugins/FluoBT.

Video Tutorial

A video tutorial for FluoBacTracker basics is available here. We strongly advice new users should take a look at the tutorial as an initiation.


A user manual is downloadable here.

Sample Movies

We provide a couple of simple and short example movies that can directly be used as an application of the tutorial and manual :