ImageJ plugin - Segmenting and Tracking E. Coli

Downloading FluoBacTracker

There are two different distribution procedures for the FluoBacTracker software:

Academic users

Academic users (e.g., employees of universities and public research centers, see the license for more precise definition) can obtain a personal, free-of-charge license of FluoBacTracker. The terms and conditions of this academic-only license are available in the license agreement. Please, read this license carefully before proceeding.


Download the latest version (version 1.0.1, jar file).


The source code can as well be downloaded here .


FluoBacTracker license agreement can be downloaded here.

Industrial users

Industrial users can obtain a commercial license of FluoBacTracker. Please, contact us directly at contact-fluobt@inria.fr.

Downloading ImageJ

FluoBacTracker comes as a plugin of ImageJ software, so you will need ImageJ to use it. To get it go to ImageJ download page.